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Mererani, Merelani Hills, Lelatema Mountains, Simanjiro District, Manyara Region, Tanzania
Small fragment, bicolored and strong red glow under longwave UV light.
1.4x1.4x0.3 cm
0.98 g

Axinite-(Mg) or Magnesioaxinites are rare - with intact end faces they are even rare. They belong to the group of silicates and are grouped together with iron and manganese Axinites in the Axinite group. Magnesioaxinite crystallizes in the triclinic crystal system and is very hard (Mohs scale: 6.5). The crystals show dichroism in polarized light and pieces containing chromium in particular glow orange-red under long-wave UV light. The different colors and the beautifully structured, shiny crystal surfaces make Magnesioaxinite an attractive collector's item.